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The MDMOTO Group | Centro Merida
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Centro Merida was another investment opportunity about 30km from the beaches of Progresso in Merida, Yucatán in Mexico. A project highlighted by the richness of the culture and inclemency of the weather. The full application of project management practices was new to many of the professionals in this city of a million people and had positive effects on everyone involved. Not only did we introduce project management principles but we also gave workshops on lean practices to the contractor and the owner of a local manufacturing facility. This was another example of the capacities and adaptability that we leverage to have successful outcomes.


Outcomes: The project came in on time and under budget despite being told “It’s impossible” by locals, other clients, contracting engineers, and architects. Now, this property functions as a home-office for foreign business people and travelers. With a pool on the roof, business seems to be cooler. We invite you to take a look of what our Property Management Company has created for us to share this wonderful property with others:


October, 2013