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The MDMOTO Group | Purpose
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The world is changing and it’s important to be adaptable and knowledgeable in order to do more than just survive. Even though that’s important we meet a lot of people with very little time to share stories and build relationships. This web site is our way of sharing a little more about ourselves and to help answer the question “So what do you do?”

The site will give you some ideas about our professional skills, interests, and capabilities. The new reality of work and progress is that people are sometimes employed, sometimes contracted, sometimes consulted for advice, and sometimes own their own thing. We recognize this reality and demonstrate adaptability and care for this new reality by investing in our own personal and professional development, in property and its management, and by giving back when we have abundance.

You will find interesting information on some of the things “we do” for us and others, as well as our professional pursuits, which may be interesting or useful to know. I hope you find this site interesting and even inspiring. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in something you’ve seen or read here.

Warm regards,

Brian & Deyanira MD


In case you are looking for advice on how to overcome some obstacle in your organization, I can offer a few project management laden approaches. If you have an abstract problem like, “do my clients feel good about our value proposition?”  I might take the soft systems methodology (SSM) approach to uncover clues and make recommendations for future decisions. If you think the organization needs to make a fundamental change, such as improving employee engagement, then an action research (AR) methodology might be more appropriate. Or, if you need to get better control of the operation then an operations management or operations research (OR) approach, such as Lean, six-sigma, strategy development, etc. might be the way to go. If you’re not sure about any of it, I like to chat over beer or coffee.