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Brian 2015
Deya 2015

Brian was born on the coast of beautiful British Columbia (1973) and has lived in several Canadian provinces since then. He joined the Canadian forces in the early 90′s and was severely injured. It took several years of recovery and the experience was life changing for Brian. However, it was valuable in developing his ontology, work ethic, and ability to overcome challenge.

Brian found a passion for operations management and supply-chain over a decade ago. He is certified in operations management, holds a professional designation in production and inventory management (CPIM), and has completed a Master of Arts in Leadership (MA.L).  Brian is now pursuing a Doctor of Social Sciences degree in order to continue to strengthen his capacities to perform and give back to society in a meaningful way (environmental, economic, social).

Brian’s primary focus is on leadership since people are ultimately the mechanisms of productivity, change, and growth. Brian creates a change ready environment by finding wins and building the teams to support growth, allowing him to quickly lead towards breakthrough achievements in the organization. He has a passion for showing up to get things done and helping people achieve their goals.

In 2010, Brian enacted a plan of travelling through the Americas by motorcycles, with his partner Deyanira. During this journey they conducted research on operations management practices such as, Six-Sigma and Lean production (paper is published on this website under BLOG titled, Not so common improvements).

The journey was very successful, taking 26 months, over 73000 kilometers, covering 16 countries in the Americas, and over 40 border crossings. Among the many learning lessons from this epic journey, Brian noted in their research a demand for operations management, project management, and leadership skills within organizations. This is the motivation for his doctoral studies in trying to help local businesses improve their performance while reducing the burden of waste.

As a lifelong learner Brian’s motto is “learn and apply, learn and apply.”

See LinkedIn profile for more details (


Deyanira was born in Veracruz Mexico and immigrated to Canada to complete her university studies as a Chemical Engineer. As a young woman Deyanira had the good fortune to co-own, manage and develop rental properties and a beauty salon.

Once she finished University she focused on Research and Development of bio-fuels in Canada and has developed a career in the critical field of Project Management, completing UBC’s Award Winning Certificate in Project Management.

Deya has leveraged her detailed and organized nature to excel in professional positions, such as, leading a large team of quality control technicians on Vancouver’s Port Mann Bridge project and different construction projects in Mexico. Deyanira’s command of both English and Spanish, written or spoken, are excellent and she is not shy to ask questions while investigating processes making her data gathering an indispensable resource.

Deyanira has a particular ability to tackle tough problems and get them done; her motto is, “making the impossible, possible.”

See LinkedIn profile for more details